Michael Buble twirled me!

Michael Buble…on The Ellen Show this week. Had such a great time at the Warner Brother Studios in Burbank, L.A. on Wednesday and no, I still haven’t washed my hand. I’m kidding… kinda. Ellen loved our energy so much she gave us tickets back to her ‘Twelve Days of Giveaways’ in December, a copy of Michael Buble’s new album and two great books. I suggest everyone attend The Ellen Show at least once in their life. I recommend more but one will do. It’s pretty much a ‘Happy Factory’. Awesome people and staff everywhere. Love the show even MORE than I used to and that was a whole lot.

So watch the YouTube video below to see it for yourself. Michael Buble sings his new hit ‘It’s A Beautiful Day’. Don’t forget to follow me on Twitter! @LisaDeNermont 🙂

(I’m the one in the red shorts freaking out like hormonal 13 year old girl at a Justin Bieber concert). I completely forgot how to keep it cool.

Also, check out how Alison Sweeney freaks out in this clip. You would ‘never tell’ she is a soap star. Just so funny! She is a great gal too.


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