5min with Sandra Cliff.

Sandra Cliff.  A loyal friend to M1nd the Gap.  An outspoken, driven, sharp, witty gorgeous woman (sorry boys, she’s taken) – who also happens to be the one and only sister to Gareth Cliff.

Sandra offered some of her valuable time up to participate in a quick 5 min interview.  (Such a cherry!) We want you to get to know the bodacious personality behind the name and to find out just what makes this chick so rad in our books.   So without further ado, here she is.

MTG: Tell our readers five words that describe you in a nutshell?

SC: Confident, Loyal, Humorous, Humble and Ambitious.

MTG: Have you ever had people befriend you for alternative reasons?

SC: Of course! They have been filtered out shortly thereafter and they make themselves easy to spot.

MTG: What is an average day like in the Cliff residence?

SC:  Busy, everyone has a million things to do and we yet we all manage to come together at the end of the day. We are a very close family.

The Cliff Family

MTG: Being the only daughter in a family of 5 can be challenging, but what is your relationship with your brothers like?

SC:  It’s fantastic, I’m very close with both of my brothers and we laugh a lot. ‘Blood is thicker than water” so we are very protective of one another.

MTG: Be honest, what’s it like being related to someone who is potentially the most well-known man in the SA showbiz realm?

SC:  I honestly don’t see Gareth as anything other than my brother. In the same way as you see your brother or sister. They teach you all you need to know and give you the best criticism. They are there to annoy you.

MTG: What are your pet peeves?

SC: Stupidity and Ignorance…Glitter. and the Twilight Series…Jellyfish and feet…Bjork. (we second the ‘Twilight Series’ too)


Sandra, Rob & Gareth Cliff.

MTG: As long as we have known you, you always been very outspoken and super confident ridiculously funny and hold strong to a no BS policy, it seems to run in the family. What do you think has been a big contributing factor to all these things?

SC:  My parents have always encouraged us to formulate our own opinions and we discuss every and any thing around the dinner table.

MTG: Coffee or tea?

SC:  Coffee in the morning, tea at all other times. I like to hold true to my English heritage.

MTG: If you could have dinner with anyone in the world – who would it be?

SC:  Alive: Anthony Hopkins, Queen Elizabeth II, John Cleese, Katherine Tate (Excellent Choice!) –  Dead: Winston Churchill and Hitler at the same dinner. 

(Interesting selection…)






MTG: Top 3 recommendations for 2011?

SC: Miming should make a comeback in 2012. Dungarees and Moonbags are my recommendations for 2011 considering the high-five did make its comeback last year…

MTG: What famous person would you like to swap roles with for 24hrs?

SC:  Quentin Tarantino, Clint Eastwood, any member of Monty Python or Helen Keller.

MTG: What is your take on haters regarding your brother and who he is?

SC:  Everyone has their opinion, my brother doesn’t care and he has a great attitude towards it, to quote him “Opinions are like assholes, everyone has one’. I’m proud of him and everything he’s achieved.


Sandra and older brother Rob Cliff

MTG: You are going to have 3 degrees before you turn 30. How the fok do you find the stamina for this? 

SC:  It’s all about ambition, no degree is a waste of time. Tertiary education teaches you far more than the work you learn.


MTG: Final words of wisdom for our radical readers?

SC:  Read as much you can. When beauty fades all you have is your brain and your sense of humour. Listen to the people around you, you can learn a lot from them.



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