KINGS OF LEON – Stuff you didn’t know…

By Lisa Leonard.

The Followills … a.k.a –  Kings Of Leon

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Their story in 5 sentences: 

Kings Of Leon.  The legendary band formed by three brothers and a cousin from Tennessee, USA, the band’s name is a reference to their Grandfather, Leon Followill.

Their debut album, ‘Youth and Young Manhood’ received critical acclaim with its indie vibe, raw sound and country vocals from lead singer Caleb Followill.  Yes that’s right – ‘Only By The Night’ is NOT their debut album.

On to the cool stuff you didn’t know…

ONE.  Every albums title is a take on the Japanese poem structure, the Haiku. Each album has five syllables Youth And Young Manhood, Aha Shake Heartbreak, Because Of The Times, Only By The Night & Come Around Sundown.  Don’t worry, everybody counts them.

TWO.  The musicians all go by their middle names- Anthony Caleb Followill, Michael Jared Followill, Ivan Nathan Followill and Cameron Matthew Followill. (In that case, we would like ‘Awesome’ as my middle name.)

Caleb Followill – Lead Singer

THREE.  As a teenager, singer Caleb developed Anorexia.  However, he had to give way to the food cravings he got from smoking pot.

FOUR.  The subjects of their songs are quite diverse:  “Closer” is a vampire love story, “Arizona” is about a girl who Caleb met in a brothel, “Manhattan” pays tribute to the bands American Indian ancestry and “Knocked Up” is every teenagers worst fear coming to life.

FIVE.  They keep the their family close: Their cousin, Christopher “Nacho” Followill is the guitar tech, while their cousin’s husband is a bodyguard.

SIX.  Caleb gets nervous before performances.  So much so that he throws up before, during and after shows. (Don’t believe us? Google it.)

Caleb is married to Victoria’s Secret Model – Lily Aldridge.

SEVEN“Use Somebody” was developed at a sound check in Edinburgh.  The lyrics were Caleb’s way of apologising to the band following a drunken brawl he had with them from the night before.

EIGHT.  The band was pretty heavy into cocaine use.  However, it only lasted for roughly two years. From their 2004 album “Youth and Young Manhood” until after 2005’s “Aha Shake Heartbreak” album and subsequent touring schedule.

NINE.  Bassist Jared Followill is the only single one, apart from him, they’re all married (sorry, ladies)

Elvis and his pink Cadillac… for realz!

TEN.  The brothers Caleb, Nathan and Jared’s stepfather, Tom Murphy, sold Elvis Presley his insurance on his pink Cadillac.

Those are our top ten favorite facts we could muscle up for this article.  If you do end up going to any of the Kings Of Leon Gigs send us pics and vids so we can share with unlucky souls who missed out.  suckers!

Half the time when you’re writing songs, the things you’re saying, you don’t realize you’re saying about yourself until you finish.  Then you look back on your album you’ve written and put the pieces together, and you’re pointing out your flaws.  And that’s the kind of stuff people want to hear.  They want to know that it’s normal to fuck up.  That’s a lot better than writing about purity. – Caleb Followill article written by Lisa Leonard and Christian Trublet der Nermont.



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